Saturday, February 11, 2012

And this is why Big Carl and I are besties :)

I truly hate to see the bottom of a bottle, however it's fun getting there!
Over the past few months, Big Carl and I have had a few wonderful evenings together.  Of them, these are the most noteworthy (that I haven't yet mentioned):

Malbec- 2010

Mendoza, Argentina
GRADE: 8+/9-

This seemed to be a very very very complex wine.  In fact, I believe it is the most complex wine I've had to date.  It really set itself apart from all other Malbec I've had, thinking that most Malbec is the same.  This one blew my mind socks off!  First off, it really needs to be airated.  Breathing life into it will make it dance in your nose and on your tongue.  It has a wonderful bouquet of chocolate and coffee/leather and cigars.  I've often read descriptions of these but had yet to actually experience it.  It was oddly pleasant :)  On the palate, I tasted cocoa with cherry and blackberry.  It was VERY well balanced considering how complex it was and had a GREAT finish.  In a way, it kind of made me think of an older gentleman sitting up in his dimly lit office with wall to wall mahogany and a studded leather smoking chair.  With this wine, it paired perfectly with soft white cheese (laughing cow) and toasted almonds.  This is one of those wines where you can just close your eyes, and go "mmmm".  Every sip to be had as it's own character!

Red Velvet- 2009

California Vineyards
Grade: 7 (only because of the description below)

I've had this wine before, however, this time it was truly note worthy due in part to what it was paired with.  On the back label, it states that it pairs well with bacon cheeseburgers.  The first time I drank this, I read that and thought "hmm, that sounds really bizarre".  Well, I did it.  I paired it with a bacon cheeseburger and let me tell you was like angels were singing in my mouth!  I decanted this wine, and by doing so and pairing with the bacon cheeseburger, it really took on a new persona from what I previously experienced.  This time, it was surprisingly decedent.  Decanting brought out all sorts of new flavors: light spice, vanilla & oak, current and blackberry (maybe even a little fig in there).  Was even nice and creamy..."velvety".

Bordeaux Blanc

Grand Vin- 2010
GRADE: 6/6+ (being generous)

I was actually a little disappointed with this one.  I've grown quite fond of Bordeaux Blanc, however this one was kind of a lackluster! Bouquet really seemed to be missing, with the exception of a VERY light floral.  Palate was also bland.  It did have a slight buttery crispness with went well with the Chicken Korma I paired it with.  Also had a little floral and pear.  I was really left looking for more, but with each sip, it was never there.  The acidity was nice though because it cut through the richness of the Indian cuisine I prepared.  I may try again in hopes to regain my faith in Bordeaux Blanc.


Reserva- 2007
Mendoza, Argentina

Wine Spectator gave this gem a score of 90pts, which is about what I would give it too.  It had the typical malbec notes of blackberry and cherry with just the right amount of spice.  It really was DELICIOUS.  It wasnt too oaky and well balanced with wonderful tannins.  This was even excellent the next day after leaving it in the decanter.  Perfect for lunchtime...or anytime...

Tempranillo Garnacha- Old Vine

Navarra- 2008
GRADE: 6+/7-

I found this devilish angel by accident.  I was searching for something that I hadn't had before and noticed out of the corner of my eye "Garnacha".  I LLLLOVE garnacha.  Then I saw that it was blended with Tempranillo, of which I had in a restaurant about a year ago or so.  The price was lperfect at $8.99, so this angel became adopted!  52% Tempranillo and 48% Garnacha.  It's pleasantly dry and fruity.  Has a light-medium body and lightly oaked.  Has hints of spice and vanilla with a slight earthy punch.  I paired this wine with a pork loin in a red sauce and mashed potatoes and celery root.  I will buy this again as an inexpensive go to wine :)  Be aware:  Cork was a dandy to remove.  Luckly, with a little expertise

Reserva- 2006
Rioja, Spain
GRADE: 7+/8-

This was ANOTHER delicious Tempranillo.  It was a little on the pricey side, but well worth the money!  I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Had a light-medium body with a perfect finish.  Fruity and spicy with a light oak. The color was stunningly beautiful.  There is a reason why the Spaniards are at the top of the Hispanic hierarchy!  This bottle proves it

Sauvignon Blanc
GRADE: 8+/9-

This was much better than I remember.  However, last time I had a 2008.  This vintage was sooo light and crisp I couldn't believe it.  Had a little floral with pineapple and pear.  First taste I swore it was a pinot grigio!  Previously, with the 2008, it had a spicey bite to it that was rather  distracting.  This time that "bite" was missing and I seriously couldn't stop drinking it!  Started off chilled and as it began to warm, the flavors EXPLODED in my mouth with a nice flavor concentrated finish!  If I keep getting tthis kind of flavor from this wine, it will be ETERNALLY stocked in my wine rack!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.....Can't wait to have this again over the summer.