Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dinner at Hobo's

Went to Hobo's last night for dinner with the boy!  I've never been there before but he assured me it was nothing short of fantastic!  At first glance they were in dire need of an interior decorator! However, it was a soft and friendly environment!

We were seated at a corner booth in the back which didn't bother me any.  The booth was very large so there was plenty of room.  I hate feeling crowded while I eat!  After browsing around the menu for a few, Devan told me they are very well known for their stews.  Stew really doesn't interest me at a restaurant so I opted to go with one of the specials of the evening- 8oz steak half rack of bbq ribs and a side (I ordered red skin potatos).

To accompany my meal, I decided to order a glass of wine!  Their selection was a little light but categorized it very well.  I opted with Pinot Noir Mirassou 2007.  I wanted a wine that wasn't too heavy as my meal was going to be VERY heavy.  So I ordered a nice light-medium red.  When it was brought to my table I went through the 4pt taste test.  The bouquet upon first smell had a nice light fruity fragrance.  It didn't cling to the side of the glass like most heavier reds do so I knew it would be perfect.  When I swished/slirped it, it wasn't terribly dry on my gums and the flavor really opened up.  The finish was fantastic.  It didn't stay long but I noticed a black berry of sorts with almost a vanilla spice.

Great night with the boy...great food...great conversation...and SUPERB wine!  This Pinot Noir will be, without a doubt, my next wine purchase!!!


  1. I have never been a wine drinker, but the way you described this glass of Pinot Noir I want to try some - NOW! Your knowledge of wine is obvious; I look forward to following this blog because I know that I'll learn a lot from you!

  2. Haha...well thank you Sabrina. I wouldn't say Im all that knowledgeable...I'm constantly learning more and more!